Veronica is newer to the nonprofit sector, getting her start three years ago as an events curator. From there her desire to stay in the sector combined with a curiosity about philanthropy led her to find a professional home at HFJ—one that feeds her soul because it lets her walk the walk of making change. On the job, Veronica’s superpowers are her ability to tap into both sides of her brain, as well as into her divine feminine. It’s part of an overall strengths-set that serves her as she manages behind-the-scenes work that supports the President and all of HFJ.  

Veronica’s love language is breaking bread, and absolutely nothing makes her happier than having people she loves around a table sharing a meal. Hands down, her favorite thing to do is eat and try new food.  

Contact Veronica if you need to schedule time with HFJ’s President. She can also help you connect with another HFJ colleague, even if you might not know who that is at first; she will guide you in the right direction.  

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