Tributaries a story-sharing project at HFJ

Introduced in July 2020, Tributaries are a series of story-posts from President Maria De La Cruz. They're meant to be an expression of her leadership: who and what inspires her; challenges that sometimes keep her up at night; and how our  movements for collective liberation fuel her to show up for and with HFJ's communities every day.

This project was complimented in October of 2021 with our first ever Tributary Talk. Hosted by Maria, it was a virtual gathering focusing on the theme of Radical Rest. Our second Tributary Talk was hosted in April 2022, focusing on the donor's role in resourcing our movements for justice.

We also hope that, by reading and sharing these posts, you take away a bit about HFJ's vision, how we think about the intersections of leadership and wellness, and how we try to sustain ourselves in this moment, for our movements. It's one way to stay connected to you, our Community. Thank you for being here with Headwaters.