Take Action Now to Protect Minnesota Waters

Join Headwaters grantee partner WaterLegacy in rejecting Minnesota’s first proposed sulfide mine. The comment period for PolyMet’s final, and highly flawed, environmental review is now open. The PolyMet copper-nickel mine, perched on the Laurentian Divide, risks polluting the headwaters of two of the most important watersheds in North America – Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters.

Tell State and Federal Agencies to reject PolyMet’s mine plan and prevent them from polluting Minnesota waters with sulfate and toxic metals for hundreds of years to come! Comment here. Questions? Please contact jacob@waterlegacy.org

Join Headwaters’ grantee partner Toxic Taters Coalition in calling on the DNR to require RD Offutt (RDO) to complete an environmental assessment before adding more potato fields in the Pineland Sands Aquifer. If permitted, the fields will be sprayed every 5-10 days with pesticides during the growing season and will use over 166 million gallons of water. Tell the DNR's Commissioner Landwehr to "Listen to the People. Protect the Water."  Contact Commissioner Landwehr or call 651-259-5555. 

Learn more and get involved here! Questions? Please contact Amy Mondloch, tatercoordinator@gmail.com