In the Struggle Together

Friends of Headwaters,

Today, we proclaim that we stand on the side of community, love and active resistance. We renounce racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and fear of the other. We recognize the deep ideological divide in our nation and believe each of us have a unique role to play in the work ahead.

This election does not change our longstanding commitment to equity and justice for all Minnesotans; it makes our work together more essential than ever. You will hear more from us in the days and weeks to come about how, with your support, we will double down on our efforts to support the leadership of communities of color in our state.

But for today, we encourage folks to take care of one another. Find spaces to connect, process and heal. Look for opportunities to bridge divides in your daily life. Please let our staff know in what ways we can support you and your communities.

In the struggle,

David and the team at Headwaters