Response to Orlando

Headwaters Foundation’s board of directors and staff mourn the loss of 49 lives and 53 injured at the PULSE nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This terrible tragedy is a reminder of the resilience of LGBTQ people and the importance of visibility and solidarity across communities and identities. We are witnessing people showing up in big and small ways – queer Latinxs meeting up to dance at a local nightclub; Muslim people praying for the slain and injured before Iftar; and allies offering their condolences and support to their LGBTQ friends and family.

The massacre in Orlando is a reminder of the long and winding path toward our collective liberation. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s words have never been truer: “No one is free until we are all free.” As a state and as a country, our work to end homophobia, transphobia, racism, and islamophobia is critical. At Headwaters Foundation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to amplifying the power of communities to advance equity and justice.