Grantee Spotlight: Phillips Indian Educators

Phillips Indian Educators (PIE) is a group of Native educators, administrators and allies, who work in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. Their mission is to dramatically improve education for Indian students by insuring that all educators of Indian students are knowledgeable enough to competently incorporate indigenous best practices into their teaching, and to continuously work towards a Native consensus of what those best practices are and should be. PIE received a grant from Headwaters’ Fund of the Sacred Circle in January 2016.

What is your organization proud of?  What are significant challenges you face?

“PIE is proud of many accomplishments, but the greatest is maintaining this very productive collaboration for twelve years and counting. Together we have established the historic Memorandum of Agreement with Minneapolis Public Schools (the only one of its kind in the U.S.), created a new charter school to maintain our languages and culture and promote educational excellence, helped better prepare public school teachers for working with Native youth through our workshops on best practices, created an online data base for those best practices, and worked to improve attendance by Native students through our Attendance Initiative.”

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