Storytelling at Headwaters

At Headwaters, we know the power of storytelling - sharing a vision of a better, more just world is the foundation of our work. It's at the core of our mission, and it's what drives our many of our grantees' work toward collective liberation.

Headwaters is the story of a new vision for philanthropy. So, we are committed to listening to our community, sharing their stories, and building a robust vision of what a more just world looks like today, in our movements for justice.

We  hope that, by reading and sharing these stories, you take away a bit about HFJ's vision, how we do our work, and how our incredible donors and grantees are building power every day. These stories are one way to stay connected to you, our Community. Thank you for being here with Headwaters.

Explore the pages below to read our Grantee Stories, Donor Stories, and Tributaries Storytelling Project series.


By Ewan Scotto | June 12, 2023
By Ewan Scotto | September 16, 2021