About the Artist

Ua Si Creative is an artist collective founded by three Hmong womxn Christina Vang, Ka Oskar Ly, and Teeko Yang. Ua si means “play” in the Hmong language. With that at heart Ua Si channels culture and creativity to inspire more vibrant connected communities and build collective power through amplifying ancestral narratives and futures. Together, they combine over 20 years of experience in community engagement, design, strategy, cultural curation & production. Their work is ever evolving, playing in the public art realm from murals, exhibitions, story campaigns, block parties, and economic interventions like Community Supported Art+Agriculture shares. Their work centers people and creates a deeper shared sense of belonging.

About the Artwork + Radical Rest


"Asian Pacific Islander Americans are often perceived as invisible, nonexistent, boxed in, and are misunderstood despite being a global majority and the fastest growing racial group in the U.S. We are not the model minority. We are not a monolith. We come from complex histories/herstories/ourstories. See us. Joy, togetherness, and visibility must be part of the work, always, inside and out. In this time especially, the work and pleasure homework is to continuously indulge in complexity."

Photo credit: Image by Teeko Yang, Ua Si Creative.