About the Artist

Miku (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis. They enjoy pairing words and images to create an immersive world that is always growing. Miku uses an afrofuture lens to create art that is centered around the process of healing. They are inspired by afrocentric fantasy and science fiction and hope to create a world where we can love and live as freely as we are called to. 

About the Artwork + Radical Rest

Come on Over (Digital Illustration, 2021) 

"I find rest by settling inward. I find rest within the depths of my imagination. When the world I see before me is confining, I sink into the bountiful bliss of an inner world. Here, my people and I flourish. Our land is life-giving and our young ones are whoever they would like to be. Rest is a place, a time, a feeling and we are welcome to stay for as long as we’d like.

This image was created from a place of rest. It serves as a reminder that comfort is within reach, and each time we honor ourselves and our bodies, we can return with these treasures."

Come On Over 2021