About the Artist
Matshoshi Matsafu (she/her/they/them)

"I am a South African-born creatrix with a penchant for delving into multiple cultures, which feeds my curiosity and motivates me to be human-centric in my approach to design. My work is primarily in user experience and visual design, but I also love to illustrate and build immersive experiences, art, and tech that center blackness. I’m always seeking collaboration with folx to create engaging, delightful, and impactful work from a lens of Diversity Equity and Inclusion."

About the Artwork + Radical Rest
Black Rest is Resistance

"During the past two years I’ve seen more black people set boundaries on our time, culture and our bodies. As I was reclaiming time to pour love into myself, I decided to create this illustration. For me “Black Rest is Resistance” against the constructs of oppression that are often subtle but most damaging… So this is a dedication to all the shades, flavors and textures of blackness that continue to inspire me by resisting with radical rest."


Black Rest Is Resistance MMatsafu Scaled