About the Artist
heather c. lou (she/her/hers) is an angry gemini earth dragon, multiracial, asian, queer, cisgender, disabled, survivor/surviving, anxious, and depressed womxn of color artist and educator based in st. paul, minnesota, which is the hxstorical occupied land of the Dakota and Anishinaabe peoples.

About the Artwork + Radical Rest

after 2-17 years underground to nourish themselves, cicadas emerge into the outer world bursting from their exoskeletons and screeching into song. these moments of quiet, solitude, and replenishment- radical rest- are necessary before moments of coming together in critical community and radical movements. one cicada's voice is noticeable- and the brood's symphony is a force that cannot be ignored, displaced, or forgotten. As elder ancestor Yuri Kochiyama says: the rest is what reminds us that "the movement is contagious, and the people are the ones who pass on the spirit."


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