About the Artist
Philipo Dyauli is a self-taught artist from Tanzania, East Africa currently living in Minneapolis. Dyauli works from the Northrup King Building as a part of the Studio 400 program. His art is primarily acrylic paintings and is inspired by my favorite painters, musicians, Saturday morning cartoons, films, and graphic design. Incorporating his Tanzanian roots and personal experiences creates work that reflects the artists life in both the United States and East Africa. 

About the Artwork
Lake Street Cub Foods: “On Monday, May 25, 2020 one of our brothers was slain by a police officer while 3 others stood by. This art showcases beauty before the calamity. It is about representing the hardworking black and brown people who hustle daily to strengthen their businesses and communities. Lake Street has a special place in our heart because it supplies us with a variety of food, music, clothing, art and jobs. The recent damage to Lake Street falls on the Minneapolis Police Department and their inability to protect its people. I believe in our city to be resilient through this injustice.” 

Dyauli Art