About the Artist
Patience Lekien (he/him/his) is a visual storyteller and Afrofuturist. This is true whether he is working with brand identity, web design, illustration, photography, writing, or allowing his vision to manifest in any of the other many art forms. Patience is a student of Black history across the diaspora, particularly the connection between Africa and America. He also explores fantasy and the power it has on the creative mind. He aims to tell stories that positively shape change for the present and the future. His creative mission is to be an active creator of culture, pushing forward new and unique Black narratives.

About the Artwork
Invoke the Ancestors III  “This piece is about channeling our strength, our power, our legacy. We are living in ‘wild times:’ a global pandemic, a critical election in 2020, and Black bodies are still being persecuted and harmed by white supremacy. Hundreds of years later, we are reliving times of our ancestors—from the 1919 Red Summer, to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. This is in many ways, our ancestors’ wildest dreams. But we are also the seeds of those dreams. We have the power to create change now, just as they did then.”

Invoke The Ancestors III