About the Artist
Felicia Pruitt Brown is a queer mixed-media artist and graphic designer based in Minneapolis. She specializes in creating unique campaigns and justice-oriented visual branding and artwork. Stylistically, she likes to bring imaginative illustrations, bright bold colors and unexpected prints into her work.

“I believe art can be transformational. When I discovered graphic design, it gave grater purpose to things I had been making. I was able to transform my creative energy into websites, illustrations, as well as interactive media for good, to help amplify the messages of the community partners I have worked with.”

About the Artwork
Juneteenth Rising T-Shirt Design: This piece was inspired in the wake of the George Floyd uprising. I felt powerless as my neighborhood was gripped with fear and grief. I looked for a way I could use my art to spread a message of black liberation, a possible future, where black communities could recover and rebuild.