About the Artist
Bayou (he/they/stardust) is an artist and designer born in St. Paul on the land of the Dakota peoples and still based in the Twin Cities. They create mixed-media art installations called Affirmation Mirrors composed mostly of fabric wrapped wood, yarn, mirrors, and beads. Bayou also create murals, digital illustrations, design digital and print materials for artists and organizations, and works as a teaching artist.  

Bayou’s art and design explores the themes of nature from the micro to the cosmic, healing trauma, time, portals, repetitive geometry, setting intentions for affirmations, asking questions, symbols, and identity exploration. Water is an especially strong theme as the Mississippi River has influenced the artist on many levels of life. 

About the Art
Trust and Listn to Black Peopl: "In order for black people and others to have true liberation we and others have to move the ideas and practices of black and collective liberation through our bodies and spirits so that they can be transformed and so we can transform the system."

Bayou Art