Voices for Racial Justice

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Voices for Racial Justice (VRJ) was founded in 1993 to strengthen and diversify community organizing in Minnesota. Over 25 years, the organization has evolved to more explicitly build racial justice with a deep commitment to supporting the leadership of communities of color and indigenous communities. Today VRJ focuses on nurturing a healthy ecosystem of racial justice organizing that is grounded in community culture and healing. Their main activities are: through training and shared learning, they support the growth and development of racial justice organizers who bring their own lived expertise to the intersection of organizing, research, and policy change; through culturally-rooted tools and research practices, they shift the narrative about who our communities are and share a vision for racial justice that can lead to changes in policy and practice; and through convening and network building, they offer the spaces for communities to build together in a way that heals from the trauma of structural racism.