Native American Community Development Instiute

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The mission of the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) is to build power in American Indian communities throughout the Twin Cities area and the state of Minnesota. We build power through four core practices: community organizing, asset-building, community engagement and Indigenous arts. Our major successes include mobilizing and organizing the initiative that resulted in the 2014 City of Minneapolis resolution to recognize Indigenous peoples day; establishing a contemporary Indigenous arts program that exhibits emerging and community-based Native artists in order to provide free, accessible, and cultural enrichment to the Native and non-Native public; and our "Make Voting a Tradition" initiative which has worked to Indigenize voting engagement efforts and empower our community to vote in local, tribal, state, and federal elections in the highest possible numbers. Additionally, NACDI has successfully established and maintained our Four Sisters Farmers Market, a weekly opportunity for Indigenous farmers, businesses, and makers to sell their products here in the Native community.