Manidoo Ogitigaan

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Manidoo Ogitigaan is a Native organization led by community members of the Red Lake and White Earth Indian Reservation. Incorporated in March of 2018, its mission is “to work with our communities to preserve and revitalize the Spiritual knowledge, language, culture, and ceremonies of the Anishinaabeg to improve our health and the health of our ecological family." It also focuses on social and environmental justice issues that are directly connected to community values and ways of life.

Manidoo Ogitigaan’s Miskwaadesi (Painted Turtle) Project will connect people to the ceremonies, traditional activities, and language immersion opportunities that follow the Anishinaabe 13 moons. The project invites all community members to participate while centering girls and women. One of the project’s goals is to encourage girls and women to participate in activities they were once traditionally the caretakers of.