Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together

Grantee Year: 
St Paul

Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together (pronounced noo chia and meaning "new day" in the Hmong language) is a grassroots and community-based nonprofit organization founded in 1998 when a group of Hmong women leaders from around the Twin Cities gathered to address a series of violent and tragic events affecting Hmong women and girls. At first, mission of Hnub Tshiab was to end violence against Hmong women by ending sexism. In 2006, Hnub Tshiab became a nonprofit organization with a new mission- to be a catalyst for social, cultural, and institutional change to improve the lives of Hmong women. They envision a world where Hmong women and girls are valued and supported to achieve their highest potential in all of their roles. Hnub Tshiab see a society that honors the choices that Hmong women make and celebrates their ability to direct their own destinies.