Dakota Wicohan

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Dakota Wicohan (DW) is a Dakota-led nonprofit organization founded and led by members of Lower and Upper Sioux Communities. Program strategies are remember, reclaim, and reconnect. Serving as a cultural incubator, DW helps over 400 community members annually in southwestern Minnesota through their continuum of intergenerational programs in four areas: Language; Lifeways; Leadership; and Outreach & Education. Their mission is “to revitalize Dakota as a living language, and through it, transmit Dakota lifeways to future generations.” Programs and activities include work with horses, traditional arts and language as a way to use culture as a prevention strategy for at-risk Dakota youth and families. Dakota Wicohan has also trained more than 600 Native and non-Native educators, professionals and youth in Dakota culture, history and lifeways as a strategy to promote increased understanding and improve relations with non-Native institutions and the mainstream community.