Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL)

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CTUL’s three current focus areas are each aimed at increasing low-wage workers’ influence over the workplace issues that affect them. In an industry where wages and staffing levels had been in freefall for over a decade, CTUL’s Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning has made enormous strides towards reversing these trends and ensuring fair pay, reasonable workloads, and safe conditions for the workers who clean large retail stores. Through CTUL’s Fast Food Campaign, Twin Cities fast food workers are standing up alongside their peers across the nation to demand $15/hour and the right to form a union. CTUL’s Defensores de Derechos/Workplace Rights Defenders program builds on CTUL’s success aiding victims of wage theft by training workers to be the eyes and ears of workplace rights and safety enforcement, and through Defensores CTUL is part of the Minneapolis Workers Campaign, which aims to raise labor standards at the municipal level.