Bdote Learning Center

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Bdote Learning Center is the culmination of the Minneapolis American Indian community’s long-held dream for a new and more successful learning environment for its children. Spurred by the dismal, historic failure rates of Indian children in the Minneapolis Public Schools and the imminent loss of Minnesota’s indigenous Ojibwe and Dakota languages, a core group of Indian educators, language revitalization activists, parents and community members began meeting in 2008 to research and design a learning environment that would nurture the brilliance of their children while providing them with the opportunity to grow strong in their cultural identities and native languages. Bdote Learning Center opened its doors in the summer of 2014 to a group of K-3 students. Now, three years later, those 3rd graders will be entering Bdote in August as their first 6th grade class. The vision of Bdote Learning Center is that all students will develop a love of lifelong learning, language and cultural fluency, gain skills and education to determine their own future, and develop a genuine commitment to contribute back to their family, community and nation.