The Wellspring Fund

The Wellspring Fund supports multi-year projects and campaigns within BIPOC-led organizations actively working towards strengthening the ecosystem of social justice movements in Minnesota.

At Headwaters, we believe that a community’s collective power is a source of abundance and of transformative change. In the natural world, wellsprings are sources of abundance that start deep in the earth, slowly breaking through rocks and creating new pathways toward growth.The Wellspring Fund is dedicated to nourishing organizations that have deep roots and long horizons.  

Wellspring grants build meaningful capacity for BIPOC-led organizations to do long term power building and organizing for systems change. Grants will provide $90,000 of project-based support per year over four years, for a total of $360,000. These grants support projects that are developing innovative and impactful approaches to building community power and advocating for social change in Minnesota. The Wellspring Fund is not currently accepting applications.

Innovation can show up in many approaches to building power to advance justice. It might be found in organizing models, narrative approaches, lifeways reclamation, coalition structures, campaign strategies, healing practices, and more. We also believe that innovative ideas do not need to be “new” to be transformative; practices that have been part of our communities for generations are powerful sources of change.   

At Headwaters, we know that long-term organizing work needs to be supported by long-term funding partners that organizations can count on. The Wellspring Fund’s 4-year grant terms allow us to be in long-term relationship with grantee partners and commit to supporting the long-term visions and strategies of Minnesota’s movements for justice.

Click here to learn about the 2023 Wellspring Fund grantees.

For questions, contact Kate Vickery, Program Officer.