Our Justice

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Amount: $170,000 

Term: 2 years 

“Abortion access is central to racial and economic justice. In a racially and economically just world, we are all able to exercise autonomy over our own bodies and access safe, dignified health care.  

We dream of a world entirely free from reproductive oppression, where every decision around sex, pregnancy, and caregiving is fully accessible, abundantly resourced, and deeply supported by your community.” 

Our Justice is a reproductive justice organization and abortion fund that provides direct financial and logistical support for people seeking abortion care throughout Minnesota. Rooted in their core value of reproductive justice, they work to make the experience of seeking an abortion clear, dignified, and autonomous for all abortion-seekers.

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Our Justice was founded as Pro-Choice Resources in 1967 by a small group of doctors, clergy, and community members to help Minnesotans access abortion before Roe vs Wade. Over 50 years later, their work builds and innovates on this legacy.  

Their work bridges the gap between the legal right to abortion and the material reality of accessing it. Their direct aid services – including their abortion assistance fund, lodging program, and free Plan B textline  - work to meet people’s immediate financial needs for abortion care while their legislative and legal advocacy fights laws and policies that make abortion care inaccessible.  

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Guided by a vision of a world free of reproductive oppression, Our Justice builds community-centered relationships in all aspects of their work. In their direct service work, they are in deep communication with abortion seekers to ensure they are addressing what is actually preventing people from getting abortions, not what service providers assume are barriers. 

In their advocacy work, Our Justice identifies instances when engagement with legislation or the courts can provide significant material relief to their clients. One key instance was their decision to become a plaintiff in the Women of the State of Minnesota v. Gomez case that resulted in the constitutional right to an abortion in Minnesota. This effective and innovative approach ensures that those most impacted by reproductive oppression remain at the center of our work at all times.  

Our Justice has a track record that shows their continuous ability to innovate, adapt, and grow their work by grounding in the core value they’ve had for 50 years: people deserve to have a safe and dignified abortion experience. As a result of their work, Minnesota is a safer and more equitable place for people seeking abortions. 

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