Apply for a Headwaters Grant

Headwaters is proud to invest in community organizing and community-led problem solving across Minnesota.

We are not currently accepting applications for any of our grantmaking funds.

This is what to expect when you apply for a Headwaters grant:

Read the Guidelines and Application Packet

This will help you determine:

  • If your organization meets basic eligibility requirements.
  • If your work fits the grant’s core criteria and focus.
Attend an Info Session

They're great opportunities for you to learn more and ask questions directly from program staff. Then, after the session:

  • Review the application packet again to make sure you understand the questions and required documents. For example, some of our programs require you to submit a budget.
  • If you're working with a fiscal sponsor, then you'll need to get information from them so don't wait until the last minute to reach out to them!
  • Create an account in our grant portal.
Complete your Online Application
  • Pay attention to the application deadline because Headwaters does not accept late or incomplete applications.
  • Let Grants Manager, Robyn Browning know if you need help accessing or using the Grant Portal.

Once You Submit an Application

You'll get an automatic email confirming that your application was received. You might hear from program staff if there are questions about your application.

About our Decision-Making Timeline

There is wisdom in a collective process. That's why we recruit, train, and entrust people from the community to serve on committees that make decisions about which organizations to invest in. 

Committee members receive and begin reviewing applications after staff complete an initial basic eligibility review. The specifics of each decision-making timeline vary by grant opportunity. In general, you can expect to know whether you’ve been selected for funding about four months from when you applied.

Applicant Notification

We'll email you with status update of your application. If your organization is not selected for funding, program staff will offer to share feedback about why. If your organization is selected for funding, program staff will be in touch about a grant agreement, payment, and our public announcement plans.

Grant Terms at HFJ

Program staff work to support and amplify your work throughout the life of your grant. We want to be a resource for you – and to serve as an advocate and connector as we’re able. 

At the end of your grant term, we’ll ask for a final report to help us learn with and from you.

Do You Have Questions? We're Here to Help!

Our Program Team staff make it a point to help grantseekers by answering your questions during an active application cycle. Please review the specific grant program webpage and application packet first.