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Red Lake Endazhi-Nitaawiging Greater Minnesota

Mission: Our mission is to prepare each student for college with an enhanced knowledge of the Ojibwe language, culture, leadership, and environmental stewardship.

Vision: At Endazhi-Nitaawiging, our vision is to create confident leaders grounded in their true inherent identities and to ensure that they are academically, socially, and spiritually prepared to positively change the community and world.

The educational philosophy and school culture at Endazhi-Nitaawiging will be grounded in the Seven Values that inform the school’s Vision and Mission: manaaji’idiwin (respect) nibwaakaawin (wisdom), zoongide’ewin (courage), enigok izhichigewin (commitment), mashkawi’ayaawin (resilience), bagosendamowin (hope), and niigaaniziwin (leadership). This is much more than a commitment to traditional western academic success.

Website: https://www.redlakecharterschool.com/
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Grants Awarded:

Fund of the Sacred Circle

$40,000 in 2022
Term: 2 years

Fund of the Sacred Circle invests in Native-led organizations that use a community organizing approach to advance justice on a wide variety of issues including sovereignty; community health and wellbeing; education and engagement; and preservation of language, culture, land, water, and lifeways.