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Northwest Indian Community Development Center Greater Minnesota

Our Mission
Northwest Indian Community Development Center’s mission is to identify, coordinate and deliver resources that promote wellness and equity for American Indian families in northwest and north-central Minnesota.

Our Vision
We are informed by the guiding vision when Anishinaabe and American Indian families are connected to culturally rich environments and relationships, as well as appropriate contemporary resources, they realize and ensure well-being for themselves, their families and their communities.

Website: https://www.nwicdc.org/
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Grants Awarded:

Fund of the Sacred Circle

$40,000 in 2022
Term: 2 years

Fund of the Sacred Circle invests in Native-led organizations that use a community organizing approach to advance justice on a wide variety of issues including sovereignty; community health and wellbeing; education and engagement; and preservation of language, culture, land, water, and lifeways.