Dakhota Iapi Okhodakichiye Greater Minnesota

Dakhóta iápi Okhódakičhiye (DIO) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of dedicated Dakota community members, language learners and speakers. DIO was created out of a international need for Dakota language materials to be implemented for easily accessible language learning. If someone attempted to learn the Dakota language when we were founded in 2014, they would immediately realize the difficulty in reaching their language learning goals. Dakhóta iápi Okhódakičhiye promotes revitalization of the Dakota language through the creation and distribution of Dakota language materials to be implemented in the home, community and classroom.

Website: https://dakhota.org/
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Grants Awarded:

Fund of the Sacred Circle

$40,000 in 2022
Term: 2 years

Fund of the Sacred Circle invests in Native-led organizations that use a community organizing approach to advance justice on a wide variety of issues including sovereignty; community health and wellbeing; education and engagement; and preservation of language, culture, land, water, and lifeways.

Transformation Fund

75,000 in 2021
Term: 3 years

Transformation Fund was developed in response to the 2020 murder of George Floyd and the ongoing culture of violence and white supremacy in our society’s systems and institutions.