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Community Stabilization Project (CSP) Twin Cities Metro

CSP’s mission is to build TENANT STABILITY THAT WILL LEAD TO COMMUNITY by: informing, educating, advocating for and organizing tenants to take action to preserve and increase the supply of healthy, safe and affordable housing in the City of Saint Paul. Our goals are to work with tenants, landlords and community stakeholders to:

1)Prevent rental property condemnation/foreclosures and tenant evictions;

2)Prevent homelessness for tenants affected by condemnation, foreclosures, and evictions;

3)Increase awareness of tenant/ landlord responsibilities and rights to ensure housing stability

4)Strengthen relationships between tenants and landlords

Grants Awarded:

Communities First Fund

$15,000 in 2020
Term: One Year

Community Innovation Grant

$10,000 in 2018
Term: One Year