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Awood Center Twin Cities Metro

The Awood Center, founded in 2017, is a community organization whose mission is to provide education and leadership development among workers in the East African community of Minnesota.

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Grants Awarded:

Transformation Fund

$25,000 in 2020
Term: 1 year

Transformation Fund was developed in response to the 2020 murder of George Floyd and the ongoing culture of violence and white supremacy in our society’s systems and institutions.

Giving Project Grants

$15,000 in 2020
Term: 1 year

Giving Project Grants support BIPOC-led organizations that use community organizing approach to address root causes of injustice. Headwaters has been offering Giving Project Grants since 2015.

Communities First Fund

$15,000 in 2020
Term: 1 year

Communities First Fund grants supported BIPOC-led organizations, responding to the immediate COVID-19-related needs in their communities during the early weeks and months of the pandemic.

Giving Project: New Majority Fund

$20,000 in 2019
Term: 1 year

Giving Project: New Majority Fund grants were offered in 2017. They provided two-year general operating grants to organizations led by and for people of color. In addition, grantees nominated up to three leaders, staff members, or board members to participate in the Movement Leadership Project.