New Majority Fund

Headwaters Foundation’s mission is to amplify the power of community to advance equity and justice. The New Majority Fund supports organizations that are led by and for communities of color and use a community organizing approach to address root causes of injustice. Eligible organizations will have an organized constituency base; a clear analysis of structural causes behind the challenges their community faces; and concrete goals and strategies to build power and change systems.

The New Majority Fund will award two-year general operating grants, totaling $20,000. Grantee partners will nominate 2-3 leaders, staff members, or board members to participate in Headwaters Foundation’s first-ever Movement Leadership Program in July 2020. 

You may choose to make a one-time gift or a recurring gift to be paid over 12 months (maximum length allowed).  If making a recurring gift, please enter the total amount you would like to donate and select a duration of 12 months or less (e.g. If you want to donate $480 total, type in $480 and select a duration of up to 12 months. Your "Monthly Payment" should now show $40).
Your gift will be processed on the first business day of each month.
Headwaters retains 15% of contributions to support the costs of the New Majority Fund program.