Communities First Fund

Headwaters can see how this current moment is much more than a public health crisis. The coronavirus is magnifying how systems and institutions keep letting our communities fall through the cracks. 

Our grantee partners—the majority of which are led by and serve Black People, Indigenous People, and people of color (BIPOC) are telling us in real-time about how their communities are absorbing more social, political, and economic consequences than they did before the outbreak. 

In response, we set up the Communities First Fund on March 15th.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 from all corners of the Headwaters donor network as quickly as we can. In our first day, we secured $544,000—over half of our goal.

AND we’re not stopping once we meet our goal. Our fundraising work continues. We’re encouraging donors like you to double down for organizations that stand up for collective liberation, justice, and racial equity.

The time to lean in is now. We welcome gifts of all sizes. Your dollars, combined with those from your fellow donors, will directly help our grassroots network of BIPOC-led grantee organizations across Minnesota.

Grantees will be invited to apply in April and May.

Individual donors: contact Director of Individual Giving Mary Delorié with questions or to make a gift. You can also give directly right here.

Institutional donors: contact Executive Director Maria De La Cruz with questions or to make a gift.