Chris (he/him/his) grew up in northern Wisconsin and, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, spent 11 years in Seattle enjoying the mountains, beaches, forests, and campgrounds of the Pacific Northwest. Chris developed his skills in fundraising and database management at several Seattle non-profits, most recently as the Donor Systems Manager at Social Justice Fund NW, a Headwaters sister foundation. He participated in two Giving Projects (2015 & 2018) with SJF and through them discovered his passion for having thoughtful conversations with folks about wealth, giving, personal values, and how those intersect with issues of race and class.

He recently moved to Minneapolis with his husband, Ryan. Chris is happiest when playing board games, going on road trips, snuggling puppies, singing karaoke, and cooking all afternoon.

Contact Chris if you’d like to make a grassroots gift to Headwaters, consider a recurring donation, or talk about donor organizing

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