Chris is one of our resident experts when it comes to donor organizing, thanks in part to having participated in two Giving Projects. He is a cheerleader for grassroots givers, and he nurtures connections across the HFJ community whenever he can. Using his creativity, Chris helps tell HFJ’s story, inviting new donors and volunteers to become partners in our work. The database nerd-, volunteer organizing-, and event planning-skills he has learned throughout his career now support his work on the Development Team. 

Chris grew up in rural northwestern Wisconsin. He moved to Seattle to explore the Pacific Northwest and its natural beauty. Along with his husband, Chris moved to Minneapolis in 2020 to be closer to their families. As a fantasy & sci-fi geek, he is always dreaming up new worlds. He sees roleplaying and boardgames as powerful tools to build community and foster radical imagination. A born host, Chris loves to feed peoples’ bellies and souls, creating gatherings where guests feel joyful, alive, and heard. 

Giving is an act of love. Every gift, no matter the size, should be celebrated and appreciated. Connect with Chris if you are excited to contribute to HFJ, either as a new or renewing annual grassroots donor—or if you want to increase your giving. He is also your point person for monthly gifts, workplace giving, and donor organizing. 

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