Wakinyan LaPointe

Wakíŋyaŋ LaPointe is a Sicangu (Burnt Thigh) Lakota citizen of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and a longtime member of the Twin Cities American Indian community. His vision for Indigenous philanthropy and community innovation motivates him to infuse the Lakota worldview, language, and ways of life into his work in organizational development and serving Native communities. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. of Political Science and minor in American Indian studies and will be completing his Masters of Nonprofit Management at Hamline University in 2022. 

His tiwahe (family) upbringing as a Lakota H’oka (Lakota singer) and Woyake Wicasha (Storyteller) shapes who he is today; they were gifts imbued to him and his brother by a wise Hunkpapa Lakota elder from Woslal Inyan (Standing Rock). Something Wakíŋyaŋ cherishes are the moments he speaks Lakota and story with his ina (mother), ate (father), and siblings. 

Wakíŋyaŋ infuses his experience and gifts into his role at HFJ, leading the Fund of the Sacred Circle. You can contact Wakíŋyaŋ to learn more about the Fund and his work. 

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