Veronica Rucker

Veronica is HFJ’s behind-the-scenes doer. She keeps HFJ’s infrastructure and operations running smoothly so other staff can do what they do best - funding movements for justice. Her goal is to bring cohesion and stability to HFJ through its operations. She also works to support HFJ in moving towards a radical and creative way of being internally - from the benefits offered to how decisions are made. 

Veronica's path to HFJ was not linear. After 9 rewarding years as a hairstylist, she knew it was time to forge a new path. That path brought her through a law firm, a high school, and finally to HFJ. Veronica’s favorite hobby is eating and exploring people and cultures through food is one of her favorite things to do. Sharing food with others is her love language and she can often be found bringing in treats for her coworkers to share.  

Get in touch with Veronica if you don’t know who on the HFJ staff to contact. She can also help you with human resources and operations questions. 

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