Venessa is HFJ’s lead communications strategist. She looks after our organizational voice, storytelling, and narrative work. She brings creativity and experience to her current role thanks to the decade’s worth of roles she’s played in Twin Cities arts, human services, and philanthropic nonprofits.  

Locally born, raised, and schooled—but a Californian in her heart—Venessa lives on the Minneapolis Southside with her family. She is a poet with a blooming spellcasting and tarot-reading practice. Venessa is a queer Black Latina who loves talking about butterflies and their imaginal cells; and daydreaming about what plant she will bring home next.  

Storytelling and the art of narrative are forms of getting free and organizing—ones that Venessa devotes her daily work to. Connect with her if you’re a member of the media looking for an interview; a friend who wants to introduce HFJ to your community, classroom, or conference; or are otherwise generally curious about our work. 

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