Ewan Scotto

Ewan is HFJ’s lead storyteller and narrative strategist. He provides strategic leadership for communications that build will and power for change in HFJ’s donor, philanthropic, and movement communities. He does his best work in collaboration, so it’s no surprise that he’s often working across departments to dream up storytelling projects to help the work of HFJ and its partners shine.

Ewan comes from a background in queer and trans community building, reproductive justice education and advocacy, and local community organizing. His work on grassroots campaigns taught him how the stories we tell shape the futures we can imagine. Originally from Massachusetts, Ewan has lived in Minnesota since 2011. He spend his time gardening, cooking, reading, and hosting friends. He's also a late-blooming athlete who loves Olympic weightlifting and cross-country skiing.

Contact Ewan with questions about HFJ’s communications, storytelling work, or if you are a member of the media looking for an interview.

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