Duaba Unenra (he/him/his, they/them/theirs) is a Black culture worker, designer, writer, researcher, and community organizer from Louisiana who now calls Minneapolis and the Upper Mississippi River Watershed home. Prior to joining Headwatershe worked as a non-profit program evaluator, grantwriter, and group facilitator for grassroots organizations, foundations, as well as First Nations and state agencies. 

Duaba's work in philanthropy is informed by his experiences as a survivor of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He holds a deep sense of commitment to the wellbeing, power, and critical consciousness of Black, Indigenous, Poor, Oppressed, Queer, and Trans communities. Through his work, he strives to advance their initiatives and strategies to transform systems rooted in structural oppression. What gets Duaba out of bed every morning is a desire to be part of a greater movement that is creating systemic liberation. When he's not busy tending work at the grassroots, or redirecting resources from upstream, he likes to relax on hikes, on bikes, and at cookouts. 

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