Chris Olson (760x760)

Chris is one of HFJ’s resident experts when it comes to donor organizing, thanks in part to having participated in two Giving Projects. As the co-facilitator of HFJ’s Giving Project program, he is a cheerleader for participants as they develop their own donor organizing skills and build a hands-on understanding of community-led grantmaking practices. 

Chris grew up in rural northwestern Wisconsin. He moved to Seattle to explore the Pacific Northwest and its natural beauty before moving back to the Midwest with his husband in 2020 to be closer to their families. As a fantasy and sci-fi geek,Chris is always dreaming up new worlds. He sees roleplaying and boardgames as powerful tools to build community and foster imagination. A born host, Chris loves to feed peoples’ bellies and souls, creating gatherings where guests feel joyful, alive, and heard.  

Chris knows there is power in collectively learning and unlearning together. Connect with Chris if you are curious about participating a Giving Project. He is also the point person for Giving Project alumni, inviting continued engagement with HFJ and our grantee community.

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