Habon Abdulle

Habon has over 25 years of experience in gender and politics. She is a respected voice on building a platform that celebrates women’s civic leadership efforts and successes. Her research on minority women and political participation, as well as the cultural and structural barriers women face in each stage of leadership careers, gives her a unique understanding of the importance of adopting woman-centered approach. Her perspective allows New American women to act from their innate strengths, and build an identity that helps them develop and practice civic leadership skills - this is the key impact that progressive networks have on getting women elected, and shaping their policies and effectiveness once in office.

Habon holds a Ph.D from the University of Sussex, UK, an M.A. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota , and a M.A. and B.A. from the University of Padua, IT. Habon is also a 2013 Bush Foundation Fellow.