Bile has more than 10 years of financial management experience in philanthropy and large nonprofits including McKnight Foundation, University of Minnesota, and Wilder Foundation. He is an active CPA and the founder and CEO of Rasmi Solutions, a Minneapolis tax and financial services firm.

As a Black immigrant from Somalia, Bile is passionate to advance social and economic justice for Black communities. He’s been serving as a member of the Headwaters finance and investment committee since 2017. He also volunteers as a tax return reviewer with Prepare and Prosper. Currently, he is working on a transformative online platform advancing economic opportunities for Black people in Minnesota.

Bile has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the Ohio State University. When he is not volunteering for the community with tax and financial issues, he enjoys walking by the lakes, writing Somali poems, and connecting with families and friends over delicious East African eateries in south Minneapolis. He has lived in the Powderhorn neighborhood since 2010.