About the 2nd Wave of Communities First Fund Grant Recipients

Good afternoon Community,

I hope you’re finding new ways to stay connected while being physically distant. Lately, I’ve been enjoying long walks with my wife and dinnertime with our kids—things I’ve always enjoyed, but appreciate more deeply now as I do my best to cope.

Headwaters is still grantmaking through our Communities First Fund. I’m pleased to announce that nine more organizations have received grants:  

I’m so proud of the rapid response Headwaters is doing—and thankful to our individual and institutional donors. We’ve raised over $1 million since March 15th. Together, we’re sending a clear message of solidarity to grassroots movement leaders and essential workers across the region.

What happens now that we’ve surpassed our Communities First Fund goal? We keep moving toward the ultimate goal: liberation. We can’t see it yet, but we know the coronavirus pandemic will have an aftermath. Headwaters will face the ripple effects alongside our grantees, donor organizers, and philanthropic partners.

For today, let’s celebrate eclipsing a big fundraising goal and continue to do our part to slow the spread of coronavirus. I’m thankful to be in this resilient, interconnected community with you.

In radical solidarity,
Maria De La Cruz, JD
Executive Director