Announcing the 2022 Giving Project Grantees

The 2022 Giving Project came to an exciting close earlier this month. Thanks to the work of the 20 community members in the cohort, Headwaters has invested in 17 BIPOC-led organizations fighting for justice in our region. All 17 organizations were awarded 2-year grants totaling $30,000 in unrestricted, general operating funds. 

This year, cohort participants raised over $236,000 from their communities through individual fundraising conversations. Combined with a contribution from Headwaters, Giving Project grants invested $510,000 to organizations building power throughout Minnesota.  

For the second year in a row, the Giving Project was an entirely online experience. Participants and cohort facilitators met over the past 6 months to build a common framework around race, class, wealth, and movements. These shared learnings grounded participants as they raised resources from their communities and made grantmaking decisions as a group. 

New to the cohort’s group learning curriculum this year was a sharper focus on local context and history. This context was paired with wisdom from leaders from movements for racial and economic justice – both in Minnesota and beyond.  

“By giving participants examples of the struggles that have happened locally and the victories organizers have won, the power of grassroots work becomes more tangible,” shared Duaba Unenra, Program Officer for Black Movement Ecosystems and a Giving Project co-facilitator, noting “These are the victories that become possible when we invest in powerful grassroots organizations.” 

Alongside movement history, cohort members also built a shared understanding of the interconnections of race, class, and power – a group learning that facilitators consider “the connective tissue” of the cohort’s experience over the 6 months. 

Equipped with this grounding, the 20 members of the 2022 cohort embarked on their bold fundraising journeys, inviting their community to contribute through authentic conversations.  

“When I reflect on this year’s Giving Project cohort, the words boldness, hope, and heart come to mind. Headwaters staff members Ray Martinez, Sierra Judy, Duaba Unenra, and Ari Baum-Hommes led this entire process with so much heart and purpose,” said Melissa Rudnick, Headwater’s Director of Program and Grantmaking.  

Ray Martinez, Giving Project Manager, added that “Cohort participants – all volunteers – leaned into courageous conversations and shared decision-making; fundraised centering connection and hope; and invested in 17 incredibly bold movement organizations. We are proud and honored to be a part of this work”  

The 2022 Giving Project Grantees are: 

[* indicates a first-time Headwaters grantee] 

Each of these grantees is fighting for collective liberation throughout the region. Through diverse strategies, these organizations are building towards their visions of a more just, equitable future. 

This year’s grants were made possible by the cohort participants’ hard work, bold asks, and principled engagement in collective process. Join us in celebrating the 2022 Giving Project participants: 

  • Anitra Cottledge 
  • Anju Madhok 
  • Ann Zawistoski 
  • Arun Caspram 
  • Ashley Charwood 
  • Cecelia Caspram 
  • Cecilia Moulton-Pirkl 
  • Charles Borom 
  • Erika Baughman 
  • Gina Kaeppe 
  • Ibtissem Belmihoub 
  • James Miller 
  • Kate Vickery 
  • Lara Griffin 
  • Nouf Saleh 
  • Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi 
  • Shanasha Whitson 
  • Taiwana Shambley 
  • Thorne LaPointe 
  • Victoria Carpenter 

We also want to acknowledge the contributions of individuals who dedicated their time and energy to building powerful analysis and skills for grantmaking and fundraising in our cohort this year:  

  • Aimee Vue  
  • Cassie Bean  
  • Emma Olson  
  • Jordyn Myers 
  • Kia Pankey  
  • Ori Wasserburg  
  • Raeanna Jacobsen 

Headwaters congratulates and thanks this year’s grantees, Giving Project cohort members, those who supported the cohort, and every donor who contributed to make these grants possible.