Headwaters Receives Major Support from the Bush Foundation

Headwaters has a new opportunity to make larger and more multi-year grants to grassroots organizations. The opportunity comes from longtime partners at the Bush Foundation, through their ongoing commitment to community-based philanthropy. We’re excited to step into this new stage of our partnership because it lets us both increase our overall grantmaking while also supporting our staff to continue prioritizing investments in social change organizations led by and for BIPOC communities.

We’ve gone through several years of significant growth while still centering a relational, community-led approach to our work. “This new chapter of our Bush Foundation partnership builds on what we already do and how we do it,” said Director of Program and Grantmaking Melissa Rudnick. “First and foremost, it infuses more dollars into BIPOC-led movement organizations. It gives us the spaciousness required to deepen our relationships in community and to listen to what is needed next. In this phase of our work, we’ll keep asking big and important questions, like what’s possible when we invest in a long-term vision of liberated and well-resourced movements.” 

Over the next several months, staff will work on grantmaking timelines and program development. Just like everything we do at Headwaters, we’re looking to the community for help in the design process, making sure we are being as responsive as possible.

Headwaters still offers grants through our Fund of the Sacred Circle, Giving Project Grants, and the Black Seed Fund. Thanks to our new partnership with the Bush Foundation, we anticipate an additional fund to launch Fall 2022, and we will update our website later this year with more details. The best way to stay up to date about all Headwaters funding opportunities is to sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on social media.