Actualizing Equity: A Community Gathering
In 2018, participants in Headwaters’ next Giving Project will raise funds for...
On June 29th, Headwaters hosted its 2017 Grantee Convening!

The Giving Project

Produced by Line Break Media

The Giving Project is an innovative new model for funding social change, building community, and developing leaders. It brings together a multiracial, cross-class group of people who are passionate about social change and interested in building their skills in fundraising, grantmaking, and community building. Participants work together to raise and grant money to organizations that build power for social movements in Minnesota. Learn more about the Giving Project and how to join here.

Headwaters Foundation for Justice | Building Power Together

Headwaters Foundation for Justice | Building Power Together 

Produced by Line Break Media.

Headwaters Foundation for Justice is all of us working together to transform our world for the better— all of us working on the ground, organizing in our communities and organizing our resources to create a more just world. Headwaters is about all of us with a dollar or more in our pocket and the drive to transform our communities situation for the better. 







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