Change Makers Gala

May 28, 2015. Click here for more info!


The application deadline is April 10.
The deadline for applications is March 2, 2015.
Headwaters Foundation for Justice announces the Community Innovation Grants in partnership with the Bush Foundation. This represents a new, unique grant fund for Headwaters, and is in addition to the existing Social Change Fund and Fund of the Sacred Circle.
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Our Stories

Appetite for Change is grounded around the notion that food can be used to create health, wealth and social change. One of the biggest discoveries of the women and men who gather in the basement kitchen of a Harrison neighborhood church, however, has been how food is a catalyst for dialogue. The busy cooking seems to dismantle barriers and reservations, and the community opens up its thoughts, concerns and stories around cutting boards and stoves.
“I’m moved by Headwaters’ ability to understand that big change doesn’t happen by throwing money at huge organizations that have all of the bells and whistles – they know that real change comes out of funding the organizing power of the people,” Espejel said.


Community Innovation Grants: Frequently Asked Questions Part I